18 Years

18 Years



If my memory served me right, I was still a college student when I watched a certain movie form the Fast and the Furious franchise. I wasn’t sure what it was the exact title but I knew it was one of the said series because Paul Walker and Vin Diesel was there. 18 Years Of Fast And Furious 2001 2019 Shirt, and Also Han. Which I just found out this early in the morning was played by the actor Sung Kang. Back in high school, I remember the character Han from the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. I watched that movie a long time ago, back when there were only three movies. The first Fast and the Furious movie, I remembered renting a DVD copy and watching at home and I am in a complete awe of how good the movie was. But enough of the that. Back to the story. I never watched all the Fast and the Furious films but this one movie I watched when I was college stuck in my mind. I recognize Han and he was with a certain girl. I can’t remember her face, maybe because the movie was half way trough it when I started watching and I am paying less attention. But for some reason, my brain always remembers that scene with Han and the girl while she uses her deadly looks to get the hand print they needed all while Han eyeing her with delight. And then the scene at the ending, where they are both kissing while Han is driving. Somehow I can’t remember the girl’s face but I remember these scenes too well.
I don’t know what happened with me this morning, I just woke up and browsing my Facebook when suddenly I remembered the car kiss scene and started searching it on YouTube. It warmed my heart when I played it. Cause you know, the pair had some amazing chemistry. Here is Han a laid back character and there is this girl that seems to do whatever she wants. The sexual tension was too intense. As I read the comments, I really can’t believe the realization the came up next. “So Han kissed Wonder Woman” “Gal Gadot is so sexy” “If she can kiss Han pretty sure she can kiss Batman too” And I was like, “Wait, what?!” That girl from fast and the furious is Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot!! You mean Wonder Woman Gal Gadot!! And I can’t belive how I fangirled so much at 5:00 am in the morning the moment I knew this. So I watched the video clip again to see if it was really her and man, it was really her. Then I later found out that her character’s name was Gisele. They are both in my mind all day. In my free time at work, I searched all the Han x Gisele content I could find and finally decided I should binge the whole series. Then I saw a post on tumblr saying that Gisele died in the sixth movie and I know Han died in Tokyo Drift. All I can say is, “Can this ship get anymore better?” I know its sad that they both died but I am a sucker for tragic love stories and I can’t wait to know what brought them to that tragic conclusion. From that moment I knew, even without watching all the movies that I will go down with this ship.
So obviously this movie was great – plot holes abound but who cares when you have great fight scenes and Idris Elba being a super soldier? It’s a fun movie with lots of laughs, and I found it really enjoyable despite glaring holes in the plot. But that’s not what I wanted to point out. I wanted to point out that there’s this one scene where Hobbs apologizes to his brother (for abandoning the family/turning traitor in their eyes) and I really appreciate the fact that Hobbs (while he really did have his reasons for turning ‘traitor’ which was to protect his brothers from their father) acknowledges that even though he did what he did to protect his family, he still hurt his brother with his actions. 18 Years Of Fast And Furious 2001 2019 Signature Shirt, it’s great, and he didn’t shy away from that fact, or give some paltry excuse that he did it for them and they should have understood where he came from. He said he had his reasons, and he stopped there and moved on to acknowledge that he ran away and abandoned his family and that hurt them. We rarely get to see small dialogues like this in action movies where it’s mostly guns and explosions and these small little details are usually used to further the plot and nothing more. I really liked that scene, because it was genuine and it would have been so easy for the writers to push Hobbs down the self-righteous route and have him declare he did it for the benefit of his family. But they didn’t, and that made all the difference.


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